Air Jordan 1 KO – Savior of Air Jordan 1

Have you ever wondered about the release of the Air Jordan 1 KO? Do you know what “KO” stands for? Why is there only Air Jordan 1 having the version of KO? Let’s Manarax tell you all the answer about Air Jordan 1 KO (AJKO).

Air Jordan 1 KO - Savior of Air Jordan 1

Perhaps everyone knows about the “banned” story of Air Jordan 1. This somehow boosted the sales of Jordan 1 at that time.

As still a fledgling company, Nike decided to restock Jordan 1 to gain more profit from the disreputable story, but perhaps Nike was a bit too confident. The fact is a lot of the Air Jordan 1 buried on the shoe racks of retail stores.

Air Jordan 1 KO - Savior of Air Jordan 1

Sound nonsense, right? But that was completely true. At that time, Nike tried to liquidate those shoes by all means, finding every color scheme of any basketball team to design Air Jordan 1. The only way is to “throw everything in inventory” or create a version – the lower one of Jordan 1 with a cheaper price.

Air Jordan 1 KO - Savior of Air Jordan 1

In the end, a shortened version of Air Jordan 1 appeared and had a similar design. Therefore it was named Air Jordan 1 “Knock-off” (Air Jordan.1 KO). At that time, Nike was not the one to decide the market, so they betted all on Jordan.

Air Jordan 1 KO - Savior of Air Jordan 1

When designing the Jordan 1 KO – using the sole of another Nike version – Nike Vandal. 55. With this way, Nike would spend for the shape of the sole for the Jordan 1 KO, only the shoe’s body would be manufactured. That means the price would be lower than that of the Air Jordan 1. As such, the profit from selling these versions would compensate for the loss of excess production of Air Jordan 1 versions. Never did Nike think that the Jordan 1 KO would become one of the iconic products in the history of the sneaker industry.

There have been many times Jordan 1 KO is considered an elite version of Jordan 1. The reason is that it was removed some details and changed the material to a lighter canvas, being more breathable and durable than leather. This was perfectly suitable for outdoor match where basketball started.

Kyle Lowry wearing AJKO in a match

Every shoe, every design has stories behind them, AJKO is no exception. The story of AJKO’s birth as well as its successes makes AJKO an integral part of Nike’s history, in general, and Jordan Brand, in particular. Without AJKO, Nike would likely have lost a huge amount of money, or to put it simply, Nike would have eliminated AJKO from the footwear industry.

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