Air Jordan 21 – Opening A New Era With Jordan

Continuing with a series of articles about Jordan shoes, today join us to find out what is special about the Air Jordan XXI, and if it is worth for you to bring home!

Jordan XXI overall look

AJ XXI debuted in January 2006 under D’Wayne Edwards’ sculpted hands. He designed the shoe according to MJ’s suggestion that make this sneaker simple. Once again, Michael Jordan’s particular passion was incorporated into the design of the shoe that bears his name – it is his passion for speed and racing. If in Air Jordan XXI, the Motorsport became the inspiration for Tinker, then to the Air Jordan XXI, the Bentley Continental GT was the supercar that Edwards chose to be inspired.

Jordan XXI front

Jordan XXI

Similar to the Jordan XX, Jordan XXI still uses IPS cushioning technology. Furthermore, the AJ XXI also allows the wearer to replace the Zoom and Air padding in the heel according to their preference while using phylon midsole to give the wearer a feeling of “close to the ground” (low profile). Carbon fiber in the middle of the shoe helps the wearer to move easily and conveniently. Interestingly, the midsole part of this pair is not visible on the outside, instead, the “grille” is wrapped around the shoe, evoking the image of Bentley’s grille.

Bentley supercar

Jordan phylon

Another detail that can be considered unique to AJ 21 compared to its brothers is the fact that the shoes have a line that will only appear if exposed to UV rays, created to prevent the counterfeit of the products, claiming the exclusivity and respect for the gray matter of the designer. The capital letters in this line, after being put together, will complete a full statement and affirmation: AUTHENTIC.

Jordan XXI unique detail

The inspiration from a luxury supercar makes the material that makes this sneaker also as good and luxurious. The versions usually use high-quality grained leather, while the Red Suede version uses special Italian suede. In addition, the details such as the jumpman logo, eyelet are all polished chrome, full of class, like miniature Bentley models that fit neatly on the foot.

Jordan XXI luxurious material

Modern, simple design combines advanced technology, it cannot be denied that the Air Jordan XXI is a quality shoe, which is expected to open a new era for Jordan, for Sports in particular and Fashion in general.

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