Best Ways To Protect Your Expensive Sneakers

Do you know which methods are the most effective to preserve your precious shoes? Well, don’t worry if you are confused about the answer to this question. In this article, we will show you the best ways to protect your expensive sneakers.

While a Nike or Adidas sneaker can cost you a lot of money to buy, you will be surprised or even shock by how people store their shoes. Some people just keep them in piles, some others will throw them under their beds. There still other cases that take more care to their sneaker by building storage shelves, storing them in boxes or plastic containers. In our opinion, these methods below are exactly what you need to do to make your favorite shoes always look new and last longer.

Best Ways To Protect Your Expensive Sneakers

How To Protect Your Expensive Sneakers

Spray your shoes with a protectant

Do you want your shoes to look new and last longer? If the answer is ”yes”, don’t forget to use a waterproof and stain repellant as soon as you buy them.

Spray your shoes, especially leather or suede ones with these protectants can keep them clean and avoid water or other kinds of damage.

Use Sole Guards for your shoes

The soles are considered a sneaker’s part that easily wears away. If you want to slow down this ”wear and tear”, using some sole guards on your shoes is not a bad idea at all. This method is most suitable for pairs with colored or leather soles.

On the other hand, to protect the soles longer, let give them for the professional one. You can bring your favorite shoes to a cobbler or shoe-repair store. They can add another rubber sole to your sneaker or customize it as you want.

Condition your leather sneakers

This method is best for leather shoes. The lifespan of leather items can be shorter if it exposures directly to the sun for too long or affected by weather and moisture. That is why you should condition them with a leather-specific cream or products to avoid color transfer.

Use proper gadgets to protect the shoes

Your sneakers can take on a mildewy smell whenever the weather is humid. Therefore, don’t forget to place them in zip lock bags, silica gel packs, or dust bags after use. This step can help absorb moisture in the shoes and prevent odor between wears effectively.

In addition to that, you can also put charcoal pouches or shoe trees in your shoes. These useful gadgets keep them in shape as new ones as well as help to store the sneaker better.

Store your sneakers in the right way

This thing is very important but not everyone knows how to do it. As we mentioned above, you should avoid putting your shoes in humid areas because it can cause unpleasant odors. The same advice is not to leave them under sunlit. All you need to do is make sure they are store in a dry, cool, and dark area.

Besides, you can place all your shoes in a shoe rack or the storage shelves. Don’t pile them together because this can deform the shoes. Moreover, it even better if you can install a dehumidifier in your shoes’ closet. It can definitely help preserve your precious shoes.

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