Bobby O Jay Net worth: Real Name, Wife, Children

Bobby O Jay Net worth

Bobby O’Jay net worth is usually asked on the internet. Bobby O Jay was a well-known radio performer in the United States. In 1983, he began his professional life and became a mainstay on WDIA as a PD and air personality. He was a well-known radio personality, also referred to as a DJ. He passed away on May 3, 2022, when he was 68 years old. He is completely self-sufficient as a result of the job. It is estimated that Bobby O Jay has a net worth of close to one million dollars in United States currency.

In Memphis, Bobby O’Jay was well-known for his work as a radio disc jockey (DJ). He overcame his addictions, and as a result, he was inducted into the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame in July of 2021, even though he had fought with addictions in the past. He has not put away his microphone and has remained an indispensable part of Memphis radio for many years. He worked in radio for 40 years straight. He was a familiar voice to Memphis locals thanks to his morning show on WDIA. In July, he was recognized for his achievements and inducted into the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame. The radio station in Memphis has also played tribute songs honoring his memory. 

It was reported in the sources of the press from that year that he had previously been married to a woman whose name was Sharon. 2017 was the year that Sharon passed away. There is no information about his second marriage to Kim that is currently available; He has said he was open about his marriage to Sharon for 30 years so that everyone knew her as well as me, so when she died, they had to be on it too. Bonita, Chandi, Joey, Joshua, and Nicholas are the names of Bobby’s six children, all of whom he has had with his wife Sharon, to who he has been married for his entire life.

Early life

Bobby O’Jay is an important character in the history of black radio. He was the first person to establish many openings in the industry that no one else had, which paved the way for many of the accomplishments that have been made in radio and black music. Bobby O’Jay was a pioneer in the industry. It is going to be quite difficult to find someone with his comments and viewpoints. At this time, the amount of money that Bobby O’Jay has stashed away in their bank account is unknown. In the annals of black radio’s long and illustrious past, O’Jay was a well-known character. This is a loss not only for us in the black community in Memphis but for all of us around the country who are a part of the black community.

Bobby O’Jay’s cause of death has not been made public by the authorities. Bobby was the host of the “Fun Morning Show” on WDIA, which is owned and operated by IHeartMedia. The song would continue to play in the background whenever he would open the phone lines for listeners. The reaction of Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland to Bobby’s passing was posted on Twitter. In his writing, “I was shocked to hear about Bobby O’Jay’s loss, and my condolences go out to his family. I know that for a lot of people in Memphis, including my wife, the day would not be over until they had tuned in to hear what Bobby had to say about it. It was always fun for me to get out with Bobby, whether I was on his show or not.”

Bobby O’Jay Real Name

Joe Louis Jones was Bobby’s given name at birth. It was common knowledge that he reigned supreme as the monarch of Memphis Radio. In 2021, he received a nomination for induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

Bobby O’Jay Reputation and Net Worth

At the time of his passing, it is presumed that Bobby O’Jay had a net worth of one million dollars (USD), according to estimates. In the United States, the beginning compensation for a radio presenter can range anywhere from $32,000 to $48,000, with $39,000 being the median starting salary. The average starting salary is $39,000.

Bobby O’Jay’s wife and children

The mythical figure’s first wife’s name was Sharon. Together, they welcomed six children into the world before Sharon’s passing in 2017. In the year 2020, DJ Bobby O’ Jay got remarried and married Kim. Kim has always been a kind and supportive partner to her husband. Before he passed away, they did not have any children together.

Bobby O’Jay Career

WDIA was the first radio station in the history of the United States to ever broadcast content that was specifically geared toward African-Americans. In the same year, the Radio Station was inducted into the Hall of fame as an honoree. The following remark was delivered by Kevin Klein, President of IHeartMedia’s Memphis and Tupelo Market, at the moment when Bobby O’Jay was inducted into the Hall of Fame: There is no question that Bobby O’Jay is deserving of this honor. The news that his 38 years of broadcasting on WDIA have finally been recognized for the contribution they have made fills me with such excitement that it makes my heart want to leap for glee. The historically significant radio station WDIA is extremely important to the Black community, which listens to it regularly. My sincere appreciation goes out to you, Bobby, for everything you’ve done for Memphis.

Sue Purnell, Senior Vice President of Programming at IHeartMedia Memphis, responded when asked about the influence that Bobby O Jay had on the business at the time by saying that “the mark that Bobby O jay has left on our industry is apparent.” One member of the community remarked that Bobby was deserving of his induction into the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame because “when it comes to our community, he is a wonderful Champion,” and “we’re glad to have Bobby acknowledged into the Hall of Fame.”

Frequently Asked Questions about Bobby O’Jay

What happened to Bobby O Jay? When did he die?

On Tuesday morning, the well-known radio personality Bobby O’Jay passed away before the start of his 9 a.m. show. He died on 3rd May 2022.

Who is Bobby O Jay’s Second Wife? 

After his previous spouse passed away, Bobby O’Jay wed his new partner, Kim, in the year 2020. They had been together for the previous 12 months. There has been no mention of any verifiable information on Kim’s age.

What is the Net worth of Bobby O’Jay?

It is estimated that Bobby O Jay has a net worth of close to one million dollars in the United States. He has derived every last penny of his worth from the job.

How many years did Bobby O’Jay spend with his second wife?

Their marriage only lasted for two years before Bobby’s untimely death tore them apart. Two years had passed since the radio host wed his beautiful bride in late May 2020. Bobby’s tragic death has devastated his loved ones.

Final Verdict

Bobby O’Jay played an important role in the development of early rock and roll. He was one of the first DJs to play black music on white radio stations, helping to break down racial barriers in popular music. His programs were also among the first to feature guest appearances by musicians like Elvis Presley and Little Richard. As a result, Bobby O Jay helped make rock and roll a mainstream genre.


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