Boom Gates | What is It, Its Uses, and Benefits to Public Spaces and People

solar boom gate

In modern times, it is not uncommon to see boom gates installed in public spaces such as parking garages, residential buildings, and shopping malls. The use of an automatic security barrier is the most common method that is used to govern who is allowed to enter a restricted area as well as the volume of traffic that passes through it. In recent years, the new solar boom gate has been introduced as an option for sustainability while still offering the same features as the traditional boom gates.

Following a concise explanation of what boom gates are and how they function, continue reading to learn of the benefits associated with this commercial gate type.

What Are Boom Gates?

The boom gate is currently the most frequent and widespread type of automated barrier. It is also the simplest to operate. Having a lengthy arm that automatically lowers itself in order to stop approaching traffic is included. The arm of the boom gate won’t raise until the driver either produces a pass, inputs a code, pays the toll, or is recognised in some other way.

Other methods of recognition include paying the toll or entering a code. Most of the time, a sensor or security access system is responsible for controlling the raising and lowering of the arm using an electric motor.

How Do Establishments Typically Use Boom Gates?

There are many different applications for boom gates that can be employed. You might come across them in the vicinity of the entrances and exits of parking garages and lots. It is possible that the driver who is leaving will be requested to provide a receipt in order to maintain order in the flow of traffic.

It is also possible to install boom gates either at a checkpoint or at the gateways leading into guarded zones. In these kinds of circumstances, standard entry procedures consist of asking the driver for identification or requesting them to touch an access fob against a detecting plate; both of these options are acceptable.

Boom gates allow only authorised public transportation and emergency vehicles to pass through while they prevent private vehicles from accessing residential areas. This prohibits other cars from using these routes, giving emergency vehicles access to an alternative route that is shorter and allows them to travel more quickly.

Benefits of Using Boom Gates

Due to the fact that they only require a limited number of moving components, boom gates are an extremely dependable and efficient form of an automated security barrier. The installation and ongoing maintenance are both quite easy.

Enhanced Safety

Safety measures are required to be installed in all commercial buildings, regardless of their size. A boom gate that has been installed correctly may check the identification of cars that are requesting entry and then either allow or deny such vehicles access to the property. When a vehicle drives through a boom gate, the driver’s licence plate number can be recorded in order to keep track of the vehicle.

Offers Restriction

Boom gates is one of the most effective methods for managing the flow of traffic entering and exiting a property, which is essential in scenarios in which there are a limited number of parking spots but a large number of vehicles, such as a parking lot at a full retail mall. With the use of boom gates, the number of vehicles that are allowed access to a property can be severely restricted.

Minimal Upkeep

Boom gates, once installed, require very minimal maintenance, which results in cost savings for the security system. Moreover, with the solar boom gate, greater costs will be saved and upkeep. The addition of a security officer to the personnel is an unnecessary ongoing cost when compared to the installation of boom gates, which can achieve identical results.

Higher Security

Boom gates are a convenient and speedy method of obstructing unwanted traffic and keeping curious neighbours far. Any company that places a high priority on security, whether it be against the unauthorised entrance and theft or against the leakage of secret information, should consider installing a boom gate as their primary form of protection. These barriers are not only beneficial in residential areas but also in gated communities, business parks, and other types of industrial parks.

Saves Space

Traditional swinging gates and sliding gates take up significantly more horizontal space than boom gates because they swing outward to open. In contrast, boom gates open upward and require much less space overall.


It is simple to reprogram boom systems so that they can fulfil newly formulated needs. As a result, the utilisation of these materials is beneficial for not only public parking lots but also a wide variety of projects. Access to the facilities of a firm can be simply provided or withheld at the company’s discretion.


Boom gates are a simple yet effective type of automated barrier that consists of a long arm that drops down to block the route of approaching vehicles. It also stops cars or pedestrians from crossing through a regulated point and is thus referred to as a boom gate.