Does Nike still make Yeezys?

The Yeezys were the cult shoes created by Kanye West – a famous American rapper and fashion designer. Though now these sneakers are exclusive goods of German sportswear company Adidas, it was first issued in 2009 as an official product of Nike. So, after Kanye West left, does Nike still make Yeezys?

Nike Air Yeezy

History of the Nike Air Yeezy

The fact is that Yeezy was the nickname of Kanye West. He also used it to name his fashion brand of apparel items, accessories, and footwear.

The rapper collaborated with Nike for 7 years from 2007 to 2014. His cooperation with Nike resulted in the publicity of a total of three sneaker lines: two silhouettes, Yeezy 1 and the Yeezy 2.

Nike Air Yeezy 1 (2007 – 2009)

Nike Air Yeezy 1

To release Yeezy 1 sneakers, Kanye West worked with Nike Creative Director Mark Smith and Nathan Van Hook from 2007. After two years with many changes in designing and experimenting, they launched Air Yeezy 1 on April 4, 2009.

The sneakers had three main colorways, including “Blink,” “Net Tan” and “Zen Grey”. All were sold out quickly in a short time after release.

Nike Air Yeezy 2 (2012 and 2014)

Nike Air Yeezy 2

After the success of Nike Air Yeezy 1, Nathan Van Hook continued with Kanye to create the Yeezy 2. These shoes were inspired by animals more than the original ones. They also had several details referring to Egyptian culture like depictions of the god Horus and Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Nike introduced the Air Yeezy II on May 29, 2012, with original “Pure Platinum” and “Solar Red” colorways. Then, the notorious third “Red October” version was announced on February 9, 2014. These shoes were also the pride of Nike at that time. 

Kanye West’s split with Nike

Kanye West

Kanye West wanted to have more creative control over the design of the Yeezys. However, Nike did not agree with the rapper. Because of a royalty dispute between him and this company, he left Nike in 2014.

After that split, the Air Yeezys are still among the most favored and limited shoe styles in the world. Nike hasn’t produced these shoe lines after their originals. It will be difficult for you to purchase a new pair on the resell market with a price under $2,500. 

Some people claimed that rereleasing the original Air Yeezy sneakers line would be a hit for Nike. How do you think about it?

Does Nike still make Yeezys? – Kanye West’s and other opinions

In early 2020, in an interview with GQ Magazine, Kanye West had a positive answer about the retro release of the Air Yeezy line of Nike.

When asked about his feeling about this, he said with no hesitation: “Man, anything that the kids want and the people want. People should be able to have what they want.”

Nike has not made a move about this matter yet. Many think that there is almost certainly no chance for a Nike Air Yeezy retro. The reason is that Kanye West and Adidas will continue with better versions of Yeezys in the future. How about you? What would you feel about this?

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