Everything About Air Jordan 1

Perhaps there have been many articles about this legendary Jordan version. It has been 30 years since Michael Jordan and Air Jordan 1 first appeared and ushered in a new era. Many versions have borrowed the name Jordan 1 and added other details, transformed into a different line.

The article below will give the reader the complete view of all the lines of the shoes. The first will be the “family tree” of the Jordan 1 line, with 5 branches including Low, Mid, High, KO and Hybrid, with each branch will have typical versions.

Everything About Air Jordan 1


The first version is very familiar to the public – the Air Jordan 1 High OG version launched in 1985 for with the price of $ 65.

Everything About Air Jordan 1


The Air Jordan 1 Low OG version was born only 1 year after the first version (1986) and had a retail price of $ 60 at that time.

At the same time the Low version was released, the Air Jordan KO was also on the shelves. For those who want to know more about the Air Jordan 1 KO as well as the reason for the KO name, you can find it here.

Everything About Air Jordan 1


Marking the first time Nike and Jordan knew about the Retro definition, three versions – Air Jordan 1, 2, and 3 were re-released. Once again, the Air Jordan 1 High version appeared again. The difference is the shoe’s form comparing to the OG one.

Everything About Air Jordan 1


In this year, the Air Jordan 1 High was released exclusively in Japan. However, the only difference was the replacement of the Nike Air logo on the reed with the Jumpman logo. This version is sold for $ 80- $ 100 depending on some stores in Japan.

2001 was also the year that marked the birth of the Jordan 1 Mid line, but the Jordan 1 Mid still had the Nike Air logo on the reed.

The Jordan 1 Mid is followed by the Jordan 1 Retro +. This is the Jordan line that is most likely to be confused with the Jordan 1 Mid because of their similar design. These Retro + versions feature the Jumpman logo on the reed and on the heels. At the same time, Retro + only has 8 holes instead of 9 holes like the Jordan 1 Mid series.

Everything About Air Jordan 1


This is followed by a rather forgotten Jordan 1 Low version. First released in 2002 and later 2007-2008, Jordan 1 Low Nu’Retro had a low neck design, wing logo basketball on the sole of the shoe and the Jumpman logo on the heel. The shoe collar is added foam for more comfort.

Besides Nu’Retro, 2002 is also the year when the first Jordan 1 Rare Air version was born (although it has nothing to do with the later series).

This version had the Jumpman logo on the reed and the back. Most especially, the Swoosh logo on the side of the shoe was insteaded by the Jumpman logo. This is also the Jordan 1 version of the first icy stand.

2003 -2004

The year of 2003 did not stand out for the Jordan 1 except for the Jordan 1 trilogy “Patent Leather”. Three color scheme used the famous patent leather of the Jordan 11 series and had a special black “Wings” box.

2004 was the first time the Jordan 1 Low was retro, even this version had some other details of the original version. There were some reposition of logos like the number 23 is on the reed next to the Jumpman logo, the Wing Basketball is pushed behind the shoe and the Jumpman logo appears in the lining.


It took 4 years for Jordan 1 to return and this comeback was too monumental. To start, it was the Jordan 1 High CDP version that appeared in the Countdown Pack with the Jordan 22 version. This is also a Jordan 1 High version but has the Jumpman logo instead of the Nike Air logo.

Everything About Air Jordan 1

After the first retro in 2004, the Jordan 1 Low version was once again aired but under a different name – Jordan 1 Phat Low. It had some details such as a slightly higher collar than the previous version, as well as a thicker reed and inner padding.

Not only the Jordan 1 Low line is favorably upgraded to “Phat”, but the Jordan 1 Mid is similar. And of course, the changes also had in the tongue and the inner lining which were padded with thicker cotton, providing greater comfort.

The last notable release in 2008 is the Jordan 1 Phat Low Velcro. As the name suggests, two velcro straps were placed in the laces position and replaced the shoelace. In addition, possessing the characteristics of the “Phat” line, the blade and inner lining are also padded with thick and smooth cotton.

Everything About Air Jordan 1


This year opened with two versions, namely, Jordan 1 Alpha and Jordan 1 Alpha Outdoor. These were basically the Jordan 1 Mid but having upgraded details like upper synthetic without stitches, as well as air vents appear on the entire shoe.

The most notable point is that the Internal Achilles technique prevented the wearer from slipping. Moreover, a smooth Zoom Air base replaced a sore, stiff, molded rubber condition of the previous one.

For the Alpha Outdoor version, the shoe collar was shorter than the Alpha version and added a detachable strap. In addition, the Jordan 1 Low version also appeared with this Alpha design, and except for the low-neck cut, other details of the Alpha line were kept.

2013 – 2014

2013 was a booming year for the Jordan 1, from the Hybrid versions to the stormy versions of the Bred, Royal, and Shadow.

Especially, in 2014, Jordan 1 Nouveau line – a line of shoes with new features, namely, small seams, a tag on a large reed which could be used as an eyelet. Moreover it had multiple air vents in the side of the shoe. The end of the year marks the release of the Heat Nike SB Air Jordan 1 “Lance Mountain”, one of the most beloved Jordan 1 versions up to date.


This is the end year of family tree. Besides the Jordan 1 High OG Retro, the versions catching the most attention of the past year included the Air Jordan 1 Low, Air Jordan 1.5 (also known as is Air Jordan 1 The Return) and the expensive Air Jordan 1 series “Pinnacle”.

In terms of judgment, the Jordan 1 Low version was designed most similar to the OG version. Meanwhile, the famous Jordan 1.5 version was a prototype that Jordan played in a few matches. It had the Jordan 2’s sole and the Jordan 1’s upper, however the shoes were not included in the Hybrid branch.

Final remark in this year is the Jordan 1 Pinnacle line – considered as a luxury branch of Jordan 1 with 24K gold points.

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