How Do You Check If Your Jordans Are Real? 4 Best Ways to Check

Air Jordans are famous and preferred all over the world. That is why they have been counterfeited recently. It is really hard to control this. You need to check them carefully to avoid wasting money on buying the rip-off. How do you check if your Jordans are real?

There are still many differences between Real and Fake products. Below are our suggestions for the 5 best ways you can use to distinguish them.

Consider the Jordans price

Check the shoes’ price

The very first thing you should be aware of when purchasing these Jordans is their prices. Even if it is Black Friday, you will never find an Air Jordan with the price of 49$ – 90$.

Anything less than $100 is most likely counterfeit unless they are sold in an official Nike outlet. Be careful if the seller said it was slightly used. Low prices and beat up boxes are the visible pieces of evidence that you are buying fake sneakers.

Check the Jordan Shoe Box

Jordan shoes’ Box

You will touch the box before the shoes. As we mentioned above, if the box is distorted or deformed, the pair is most likely counterfeit.

Nike shoe boxes are pretty solid and often have a logo on the lid and the side. It also has different colors and styles depending on the time of the production. Fake boxes often use thinner and low-quality cardboard. That is why they are usually damaged during shipping. 

Apart from shoebox quality, you also need to look out for the information printed in the box. The labels often include product details such as the style name, style number, size, color… If the style number doesn’t have nine (9) digits, this sneaker is fake.

Check the logo of Air Jordan

The Jumpman Logo

The ”Jumpman” is a familiar logo of Air Jordan. It is the silhouette of Michael Jordan – a former NBA professional basketball player, who is the inspiration for this best-seller shoe line of Nike. However, not all Jordans sneakers have this logo.

If your shoes have a Jumpman, you should check the logo proportion from the smallest details such as hands, basketball, and feet …

You can download the official logo down to compare it with all logos you can see in the box and shoes. Non-authentic Jordans may have a blurry or smudged Jumpman, with poor stitching and disproportionate images.

Besides, Jordan also has a wings logo. You should check if there are any inconsistent letters. Double-Check the spacing between the characters, too. The letters in the authentic logo should all be equally spaced.

Be aware of the colorway of Jordan Shoe

Shoes colorways

Each type of Jordans has its own combinations of colors. You should check the colorway of the sneaker before buying one. If you have already purchased it, you need to see whether it matches the information which is indicated in its box or not.

To find out the authentic colorway of Nike Jordan, don’t forget to research the product descriptions on Nike’s own site. If you can’t find related colors on any direct Nike supplier site, these shoes are undoubtedly fake.

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