How To Clean Nike Shoes?

Besides sneakers of the Three Stripes Brand, Nike shoes are also among the most favorite pairs in the world of sneakerheads. In the last post, we discussed what steps you need to clean your Adidas shoes easily. Today, we will continue an article about how to clean Nike shoes. Keep reading to find out.

How To Clean Nike Shoes?

How To Clean Nike Shoes?

Clean the Nike shoes’ upper

Alright, to make your Nike shoes look new again, you should clean them from part to part. In today’s post, we separate the process into three main areas: The outside of the shoes ( upper part), the inside (insoles), and the underneath (rubber soles).

Step 1: Remove excess dirt

The first thing you should do is get rid of dirt from your sneaker. Take a soft-bristled toothbrush or tool from cleaning kits to rub the upper and outsole. To make this step easier and avoid staining, it will be better if you do it every day after going out.

Step 2: Make some suds

Next, you can pour a little laundry detergent, mildly soapy liquid, or cleaning water into warm water. Then, stir the mixture gently.
In this step, make sure to read the ingredients carefully before mixing. Some laundry detergent contains chemicals that can ruin your shoes or affect the dye in the fabric. Besides, when cleaning Nike Flyknits you should use cold water instead of warm ones to avoid damage.

Step 3: Scrub your shoes with the mixture above

With this step, put a sponge or washcloth in the mixture. Then, gently wipe the staining areas in your sneakers. After that, rinse the soap off the cleaning cloth with warm water before continuing to wipe the shoes. Do this step several times until there is no soap left on the surface of your sneaker.

Step 4: Dry the shoes

Prepare a well-ventilated place in your house to put your shoes. Then, let them dry naturally. This can take many days to air dry the sneaker so be patient!

Cleaning the inside of Nike shoes

Step 1: Clean the insoles

Use a small brush like toothbrush and the cleaner you mixed above to rud the insoles. Be careful when scrubbing the area with a label visible on the insoles.

Step 2: Rinse the insoles

Pour cold water into a bucket. Then, wash the insoles gently until they are out of soap.

*** Small note for you: Since you exposure to many detergents when cleaning your Nike shoes, remember to wear gloves to protect your hands’ skin.

Step 3: Let the insoles dry

Put the insoles in half of a clean and dry towel or cloth. After that, you fold the other half of the towel and press to make the insoles dry faster. Hang them in a well-ventilated room, or put the insoles in front of a fan.

Clean the Nike shoes’ rubber sole

To clean this rubbery part of the shoes, you can use an eraser to scrub on it. This step can help get rid of unwanted scratches and scuffs on your sneaker.

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