Is Jordan 1s Waterproof? – How to Protect Your Shoes

We have got a lot of questions related to the Air Jordan 1 like why it was banned by the NBA or what is the difference between Nike Air Jordan 1 High, Low, Dunks, and so on. Well, people seem to really care about these Nike shoes. That is why today, we will discuss these questions: Is Jordan 1s waterproof? How you can protect your shoes?

Is Jordan 1s waterproof?

Is Jordan 1s Waterproof? - How to Protect Your Shoes

The material of the Jordan 1s

Let start with this question first. As you can see, all Jordans are made from leather. The material to make the Jordan 1 was PU coated “action” leather and Synthetic leather.

Synthetic leather is actually an artificial fabric that is made to look and feel like real leather. Don’t think that they are of poor quality. Its functions are even better than real leather.

Nike often uses synthetic leather to make the Black Swoosh or some other parts of the shoes because it tends to be more breathable, and easier to clean. Besides, using synthetic leather can help to save a lot due to its cheaper price.

Apart from that, no matter real leather or synthetic leather, the material itself is water residence. That is why you can be assured that Jordan 1s is definitely water-resistant.

How to protect your Jordan 1 shoes?

Is Jordan 1s Waterproof? - How to Protect Your Shoes 2

Protect Your Jordan Shoes

You know that it is not easy to buy a Jordan 1 pair, right? Therefore, you need to protect your precious sneaker as soon as possible, even you bought it a long time ago or just got it yesterday.

Although your Jordan is waterproof, it doesn’t mean that it can withstand everything like the harsh weather conditions or yellowing. We will help your shoes clean and fresh as new with some useful tips below:

Use force guards like the shoe tree

Not only used with the dress shoes but this device also helps keep the shape of your Jordan 1. Moreover, it is really helpful in drawing the moisture out since wet conditions can damage your leather sneaker.

Clean the shoes regularly

Don’t let your Jordan full of dirt or grime. If you want your shoes to look fresh, just clean them after at least two or three wearings. Make sure to use the right tools to avoid discoloration or oxidation (yellowing). You can use warm water and dishwashing liquid. However, it is better to use a professional cleaning kit or Sole Shields.

Put the sneaker in zip locks and boxes

Some packs of silica can help protect your shoes from dust and other impacts from the environment. In addition to that, put them in boxes or dark areas like your closet to preserve the shoe materials.

Try to not wear the Jordan too much

Your leather sneaker is like a fortune because they are really expensive. Then, don’t use it too often, especially in bad weather. Even the shortest rain can destroy your shoes. Avoid donning the Jordan to dance club or use it when you driving, too. Once you hit the pedals, it will crease your sneaker.

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