Is Yeezy worth buying? – Reasons you should buy

Yeezy 500 Ultility Black
Yeezy 500 Ultility Black

Even if you are a sneakers lover or not, you must have heard about the Yeezy shoes of Kanye West, right?  These shoes have become one of the hottest products on the market with incredibly high prices. So, Is Yeezy truly worth buying?

If you want an appropriate answer to this question, scroll down to this post. Then, you will see all you need to know about it.

Yeezy’s History

We will start with the backstory of these Yeezys and its founder. As you can see, Kanye West is the one who designed the Yeezy line. He is regarded as one of the most influential men in footwear.

He had an unpredictable career, starting from an American rapper to record producer, and then a well-known fashion designer.

On his way to become a renowned fashion designer, he has cooperated with equally notable brands such as Nike, Louis Vuitton, and A.P.C. He focused mainly on clothing and footwear.

In 2013, he decided to join forces with Adidas. Kanye West signed a contract of $10 million with this German multinational corporation.

Adidas also facilitated for him to have full creative control of Yeezy sneakers. Kanye West even gained a percentage of all these shoe lines’ royalties.

His inspiration for Yeezy was from an Australian shoe design. The Yeezy Boost was first launched in February 2015. It made a huge wave in the world of fashion.

Adidas hasn’t stopped selling these sneakers after that. The original and new versions of this line often sell out in under a minute.

Why is Yeezy so valuable?

Okay, after you may understand the brief introduction detailing these shoes’ history, we continue with the main point. Below are the reasons why Yeezy is worth its price.


It is not a coincidence that many stars show up in Kanye’s Yeezy fashion shows. The Adidas Yeezy shoes are so attractive that the world has been going crazy about them.

People stay up all night in front of their computers’ screens or make a long queue waiting outside sneaker stores only to buy them.

The Adidas Yeezy shoes are popular with 4 models: the Yeezy Boost 750, Yeezy Boost 350, Yeezy Boost 350 v2, and the Yeezy Boost 950. Every detail of these shoes is delicate with different colors like black, grey, and white weaving inside out.

Though some brands have tried imitating the appearance of Yeezy shoes, the originals prove that their design and colorways are unique and unbeatable.


These Yeezy Boosts are not only trendy footwear but also versatile shoes. They are designed to be daily running shoes. That is why their comfortability is amazing.

The lining padding inside the Yeezy is a mix of leather and mesh. It is really soft and can make you feel like you are stepping on a cloud mattress.

Some feedback that these kinds of shoes are also durable. Among Yeezys’ products, the Yeezy 350 V2 is considered to have a lot more life than the others.

In our opinion, as long as you take good care of them and avoid using the shoes in bad weather, you will be surprised by their durability.

Resale price

The exclusive status is another reason that makes the Yeezy worthwhile. As we mentioned above, these shoes will out of stock within a minute after being available on sale. You will be the lucky one if you can possess a pair of Yeezy shoes with the original or sale-off price.

 These shoes are resold for up to 10-times the original price. The rarer the Yeezy, the higher the cost. For example, the first shoe version can cost up to $1,000 because they’re no longer being produced.

The resale prices also vary and depend on which color and type you are searching for. However, you should be careful when buying the Yeezy on the resale market. It is going to be pretty bad if you unfortunately buy fake shoes.

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