Sherre Gilbert: What Happend to Mari Gilbert’s daughter Sherre?

Sherre Gilbert

Sherre Gilbert was born in the year 1987 in the city of Lancaster, in the state of Pennsylvania. Mari, who had passed away before her, had been working at Walmart. She is her mother Mari’s second kid and the first born after her older sister Shannan but before her younger sister Sarra and half-sister Stevie. The majority of each of their childhoods was spent in a foster home for Shannan, who sadly passed away when she was still a little child, and Sarra. It is not known a great deal about their father; nevertheless, it is rumored that he was a heroin addict and suffered from schizophrenia.

Sherre Gilbert is the child of Mari Gilbert, who was also murdered, and she is the sister of Shannan Gilbert, who also passed away. She is one of the major active voices in the movement to seek justice for her sister, who died under unexplained circumstances in the year 2010. From childhood to adulthood, each member of the Gilbert family has had a difficult life. This has been the case throughout their entire existence. They have been through it all, from struggling financially to enduring abuse to grieving the loss of loved ones and friends. Sherre’s mother passed away over six years ago, and it’s been ten years since she lost her sister.

Growing up wasn’t easy for Sherre at all. She was reared by a single mother who frequently struggled with financial hardship. In addition, both she and her sister, Sarra, were sexually abused by the boyfriend that her mother was seeing at the time. Sherre’s connection with her mother was tense for the majority of her life; nevertheless, the two of them were able to patch things up before the mother passed away.

Mari had left the children’s father when they were small and moved to Ellenville, where she started a new life. Mari was able to successfully reunite Stevie and Sherre, even though Shannan and Sarra were split up across several different foster homes. Sherre was confronted with the news that a body had been found for the very first time in December of 2010. Because Shannan had been missing for such a long time, the authorities speculated that it could be her. As time went on, additional deaths began to be recovered, and Sherre and her family found themselves embroiled in the investigation seeking the Long Island serial killer. Sherre was the lead investigator on the case.

Early Life and Education of Sherre Gilbert

Sherre Gilbert was born and reared in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America. Sherre’s mother Mari separated from their biological father and moved the family to Ellenville when the daughters were younger. There is not a lot known about Sherre, including her childhood and her educational background. There had a difficult childhood overall. She was reared by a single mother who frequently struggled to make ends meet. In addition to this, both she and her sister, Sarra, were victims of sexual assault at the hands of the lover of their mother. During the majority of her life, she and her mother had a distant relationship, but they were eventually able to make amends.

She said that her sister had other aspirations besides working as an escort, even though the media does not have any information about her professional life. She aspired to have a career in the entertainment industry as an actor, singer, and writer. She also has a profile on Pinterest, which implies that she might have an interest in fashion and that she most likely has a career in the fashion industry.

Who Killed Her Sister, Shannan Gilbert

As per NBC New York, the initial investigation by the police led them to believe that Shannan died as a result of unintentional drowning. After some time had passed, a medical examiner concluded that the reason for the decedent’s passing was obscure. After some time had passed, the Gilbert family, led by their mother Mari, approached a forensic pathologist and requested that an independent autopsy be performed on Shannan’s skeletal remains. According to the findings, her death appeared to be the consequence of a deliberate attempt to strangle her. Because of this, a tiny bone in her throat was missing, which suggested that it was broken when the perpetrator of her murder was carrying out their crime. Shockingly, the authorities uncovered the skeletal remains of ten additional persons at Gilgo Beach just a few days after they had found Shannan’s body along the beach. It is interesting to note that all four of the victims who had died as a result of being strangled were employed in the sex industry.

Sherre Gilbert’s Reaction to Her Sister’s Death

Although Shannan’s body was found during an inquiry into a person who is believed to be a serial murderer on Long Island, law enforcement officials decided not to investigate her death as a homicide. To this day, Shannan’s family is still looking for explanations for what happened. When Sherre was asked why she believed it to be a homicide, she responded that all of the ladies who had been killed, including her sister, had worked as escorts. She also revealed that her younger sister was going out with a man named John that night. Her older sister was going out with John. In addition, one of the major suspects in the murder case on Long Island was John Bittrolff, a native of Suffolk County who had previously been convicted of murdering two prostitutes. John Bittrolff was one of the prime suspects in the case. Both Sherre and Mari, Sherre’s mother, were steadfast in their conviction that Shannan was murdered by the Long Island serial murderer. She asserted that her deceased loved one also experienced other dreams. Sherre claims that while she was attending college, she had aspirations of becoming a singer, an actor, and a writer.

Sherre Gilbert Personal Life

Sherre has reached the age of 35 years old as of the year 2022. She is an American activist, and her mother, Mari Gilbert, was a prominent activist, just like another celebrity Jennifer Marina Joy in the United States. Mari, who passed away before her daughter was born, had worked for Walmart when her father was addicted to heroin and later developed schizophrenia (a chronic brain disorder). She is Mari’s second daughter, coming in between her older sister Shannan, her mother’s firstborn, and her younger sister Sarra, her mother’s thirdborn. Stevie is Sherry’s other half-sister, and they share a biological mother. In 2011, following the passing of Sherre Gilbert’s older sister Shannan, the Gilbert family became the subject of public attention.

Sherre Gilbert’s Sister, Sarra Gilbert Killed Her Mom, Mari 

According to the Daily Freeman, on July 23, 2016, The family’s attorney, Sarra brought her mother to her home and told her that voices were asking her to commit a crime. She also claimed that the voices were telling her to listen to them. Mari, a worried mother, left her house to go to Sarra’s apartment so that she could check on her child, but she tragically passed away there.

Sherre’s younger sister Sarra fatally stabbed their mother with a knife that measured fifteen inches. She stabbed her mother a total of 227 times before using a fire extinguisher to finish her out. PIX11 was informed about what took place with Mari by the attorney representing the Gilbert family, John Ray. The attorney added that Sarra had conveyed to her mother that she had been hearing voices and had invited her mother over to Sarra’s apartment. In the beginning, she had contacted her older sister, Sherre. After that, the mother of four girls went to check on her to see if she was okay, but she ended up passing away herself.

Where Is Sherre’s Sister, Sarra Gilbert?

Mari Gilbert’s third child, Sarra Gilbert, is currently serving a jail sentence that ranges from 25 years to life. According to several different accounts, Ulster County Judge Donald Williams is quoted as saying that she will never be free again. The judge, on the other hand, has declared that he will take the necessary steps to ensure that Sherre’s sister obtains the appropriate care for her mental health. Mari’s assailant stood silently by her attorney Ray, but afterward sobbed momentarily and asked for compassion. Hayden, her kid, currently resides with his father’s relatives after they took custody of him.

Where is Sherre Gilbert Now?

It is unavoidable for Sherre to carry the emotional scars of the passing of two cherished members of her family throughout the rest of her life. She has, however, started on the path to becoming an activist to advocate for sex workers like her sister Shannan. Her younger sister, Stevie Gilbert, is assisting her in all of these endeavors. Sherre has a Twitter account, but it is protected with a password. In addition to that, she maintains a presence on Pinterest. As a result of this, it would appear that she is quite interested in a variety of topics, including, amongst others, fashion and house design. According to the available information, she is believed to be in the middle of her 30s and lives in Ellenville, New York at present. It has been said that she has not traveled outside of the community in Ulster County since Mari moved there.

Sherre Gilbert’s Net Worth

Although we are aware that Sherre Gilbert most likely has a career in the fashion sector, there is no information regarding her wealth that can be found. On the other hand, her sister Sarra has a net worth of a thousand dollars. In addition, her mother Mari has an estimated net worth that spans anywhere from 1 million to 5 million dollars.

Sherre Gilbert Social Media Account

Sherre maintains an active presence across numerous prominent social media platforms including TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok. She ensures that her sister’s social media accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram, are always up to date. She is also active on Twitter, where @ThatGirlRee has 1.9K followers, and on her sister’s page on Facebook, Prayer for her sister and mother where she posts an update about the development of the murder case involving Shannan. On Instagram, she has a lot of followers; on Twitter, she has 1.9K followers; and on Facebook, her sister’s page is called Prayer for Shannan Maria Gilbert.

Is Sherre Gilbert Married or Not? 

It is safe to infer that the deaths of Shannan and Mari are constantly in the forefront of her mind. On the other hand, it is said that she is the mother of a male child. On the other hand, her husband’s identity is a mystery. As was mentioned earlier, she has a presence on many social media platforms, although she is notoriously tight-lipped about her private life.


What Happen to the other Gilbert sister?

They have since accused her of murder. After Sarra Gilbert’s sister Shannan, an escort, disappeared in 2010 and was found dead 19 months later near Gilgo Beach on Long Island, her family and friends say Sarra was never the same.

Who Played Sherre Gilbert?

Thomasin McKenzie Played Sherre Gilbert

Is Sherre Gilbert alive?

Yes she is Alive 

What are the Names of Mari Gilbert’s Daughters?

  • Sarra Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Sherre Gilbert
  • Shannan Gilbert
  • Stevie Gilbert

Why is Stevie Gilbert not in the Movie?

One of Gilbert’s children, Stevie, is omitted from the film. As Garbus put it, “Mari’s second daughter, Stevie, had not been presented in Bob’s book as an active participant in Mari’s pursuit for Shannan.”… I wanted the performers to contribute their interpretations and ours.


Sherre Gilbert continues to keep her followers up to date on Shannan’s situation by posting updates on Facebook and other social media sites. During this period, her supporters across a variety of platforms have continued to pray and speak out in favor of seeing justice prevail. The Gilberts family’s history is a sad one, to say the least. We hold out hope that this terrible event will not happen again.


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