Some Interesting Facts Behind Nike Air Max 97

Can you imagine the intense creative pressure that Nike expected you to design the next great pair of running shoes? It’s the kind of environment that Christian Tresser has to deal with. After a successful stint at Reebok, Tresser is ready for the next critical phase of his career. This man has a pretty good background: discipline in both design and professional football. He’s exactly what Nike is looking for in a period of strong brand renewal. Since the launch of the Air Max 1, Nike’s legendary lineup has raised expectations in many ways.

Nike Air Max 97

Nike’s advertising acumen means that shoes are never just shoes. They are what legends have worn. Joggers wear them, celebrities wear them as well, that has been laid on the consumer’s senses. 

Therefore, not only are Nike’s designers expected to release innovative running shoes, they are also expected to surpass their own efforts on a consistent and relentless basis. Luckily for Tresser and for the Air Max 97 fans, those expectations were resounding.

Nike Air Max 97

About Design

As one of the design team leaders, he often takes practical inspiration as the main aspect to focus on when blending soccer shoes. Ultimately, the Air Max 97 is looking to continue unleashing the brand’s leading energy in the runner section. So the first thing to focus on is Air Bag.

Nike Air Max 97

Each Air Max model has something to do with attracting consumers’ money by setting up a cushion. Nike is definitely not the first footwear brand to use the air cushion concept. However, there is one particular flair that Swoosh tuned for this innovation.

Le Silver

When it first launched in the US, the Air Max 97 gained as much attention as any new Air Max model. However, it doesn’t quite get the attention of a trend-setting phenomenon. Even though it sells well enough to justify all the work put into design and production, it just feels like it’s missing something. Had it not been for Italian subcultures to celebrate this shoe the way they did – and still do – then the AM 97 most likely ended up in a much less prominent position in sneaker culture.

Nike Air Max 97

This shoe landed in Italian cities like Rome and Milan like a famous indie band – after a few early adopters, everyone had to get one. In an interview about the shoes a few years ago, former Elle Magazine editor Michela Gattermayer said the best: “I have to admit that the first time I found them awful…but that was the kind of thing fascinating horror. ” The shoe, as Gattermayer puts it, “is completely out of our visual vocabulary.” Honestly, that’s not hard to imagine. Italian fashion and footwear are not too far apart, with runway shows in Milan playing a huge role in deciding what is remarkable in both industries. Sneakers in Italian fashion, are a rare choice of a rebellious designer.

Nike Air Max 97

Nike Air Max 97 Partnership

Another key to the Nike Air Max 97’s success is the long list of influential collaborations it currently has under its leash. From an extremely famous dusty artist Skepta to major brands like Undefeated, each dual approach enhances the 97’s culturally affluent reputation, keeping it comfortably deep into the mass culture. With so many participating couples mentioned, perhaps the most notable collaborative sneakers come with the acclaimed form behind Sean Wotherspoon x Nike Air Max 1/97.

With the facts mentioned above, you must have understood more about Nike Air max 97, right? Do not hesitate to spend money on these shoes!

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