The best answer for the question: Does Nike Own Jordan?

Nike and Jordan are definitely familiar and popular names to any shoe lover in this world, right? We have got a lot of questions related to these two footwear brands. And today, we will give priority to the question of ”Does Nike Own Jordan?”

The best answer for the question: Does Nike Own Jordan? 1

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How did the story begin?

First of all, we will help you understand more about Nike and Jordan’s relationship with some stories from the day they met each other.

In 1984, Nike surprisingly signed a five-year contract with a new and potential rookie NBA player – Michael Jeffrey Jordan (Mike). And that was one of the best decisions of this brand.

The best answer for the question: Does Nike Own Jordan? 2

Michael Jeffrey Jordan (Mike) with his Jordans 1

There is nothing wrong when they called Michael Jordan the greatest basketball player of all time. He won 6 championships with the Bulls after 15 seasons of playing for the NBA. This man proved that he was stardom in the world of basketball.

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Another fact you may not know that Mike didn’t like the shoes when Nike wanted to collaborate with him. In the 1980s, Converse and Adidas were more popular in the world than Nike.

Nike didn’t give up because they believed in Mike and his talent. After seeing many efforts of this company, David Falk, who was Michael Jordan’s sports agent, encouraged him to work with Nike. Mike agreed and that is how a famous brand named after Jordan was born.

The Nike Air Jordan Shoes 1 was the first success of the cooperation between Mike and Nike. These sneakers brought $100 million in revenue for Nike only after 2 years released. Now, Air Jordans 1 is still among the most coveted shoes on this planet.

Was Jordan owned by Nike?

The best answer for the question: Does Nike Own Jordan? 3

The Nike Air Jordan 1 Shoes

Back to today’s topic, does Nike Own Jordan? According to all information above, the answer is yes. The Jordan Brand is still an important part of Nike. Or, you can say that it is a subsidiary of this sportswear company.

Besides manufacturing the most standard court shoes, Jordan also bled into other fields like athletic clothing. This brand was so powerful that after 30 years established, they can work as their own brand and even more well-known than the parent company.

After retiring, Michael Jordan also joined the board of directors for both Jordan and Nike. He is not only the one who contributed a lot to the development of the Jordan Brand but also an indispensable part of Nike.


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