The fight never ends: Who is better Adidas or Nike?

Nike and Adidas are the two retail giants that are dominating the world of sneakers. Sneakerheads worldwide are always crazy whenever these brands launch new types of shoes. The thing is: Who is better Adidas or Nike?

To help you visualize the battle between Nike and Adidas better, we will give you some important criteria below. You can consider them to see the strengths and weaknesses of these brands.

Origins of each brand

The fight never ends: Who is better Adidas or Nike?

Adidas brand

Nike was established on January 25, 1964, in American under the name Blue Ribbon Sports. Its founders were Bowerman and Phil Knight.

Seven years after that, on May 30, 1971, the company changed its name to Nike which was inspired by the Greek goddess of victory. Now, this is the biggest sports corporation in this world that was valued at $32 billion.

Adidas is a German corporation founded by Adolf Dassler. He started his business with his brother – Rudolf in 1924. In the beginning, they named the company Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik.

Then, because of a breakdown in the relationship between the two founders, they split out. In 1949, Adolf founded Adidas and Rudolf created Puma.

As you can see, although Nike was established after Adidas, it is larger and more valuable than Adidas.

The brands’ advantages

The fight never ends: Who is better Adidas or Nike? 2

Nike’s subsidiaries

Nike is the owner of many famous brands such as Nike Bauer, Cole Haan, Umbro, Hurley International, Jordan Brand, and Converse. In which, Jordan Brand is considered the most successful which is associated with the fame of Michael Jordan – the legend of the basketball world.

This brand has Tinker Linn Hatfield – one of the most talented designers in America. The Nike “swoosh” is also acknowledged as one of the most iconic logos of all time.

The fight never ends: Who is better Adidas or Nike? 3

Brands of Adidas

On the other hand, Adidas owns many popular subsidiaries, including Salomon, Taylormade, Rockport, Five Ten, Runtastic, and Reebok.

They even work with Kanye West – the most influential person in the sneaker culture to create the notable Yeezy shoe line.

Adidas is also renowned for its special logo of the three stripes. Some say that they recognized the logo before they knew it belonged to this brand.

Quality of the product

The fight never ends: Who is better Adidas or Nike? 4

Quality of the shoes

We have to say that both Nike and Adidas have quality shoes. Their products are used new technology with well-cushioned midsoles and outsoles that are regarded as great supporters for your ankles.

However, in some recent surveys, when asked, a majority of shoe lovers said that Adidas sneakers are more comfortable, stable, and durable than Nike’s.

Price of the shoes

If you consider the price, Adidas will definitely win. More than 95% of shoes of this brand cost under $300. Nike shoes, meanwhile, has an average price high as twice as Adidas. For example, the limited editions of Air Jordan can reach more than $3000 for a pair.

Reputation and marketing

The fight never ends: Who is better Adidas or Nike? 5

Slogan of Nike

Nike is larger and has more influence in the market than its business rival. They have sponsored many high-profile athletes and sports teams around the world, including Kendrick Lamar, LeBron James, Tiger Woods… They also have partnerships with the NBA, U.S. Olympic Team, and the NFL.

Apart from that, this brand is clever with marketing strategies, too. They have a well-known slogan: “Just Do It” and a lot of attractive advertisements to boost their products. On the opposite, Adidas’ marketing campaigns are often formulaic and not attractive.

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