What do I do if my Yeezys are too small? – Four Most Useful Tips

You have just bought the Yeezys you always wanted. However, you can’t wear them because of their sizes? Now, are you thinking about ”what do I do if my Yeezys are too small”? Are you in such a bad situation?

If you are, don’t get panic. Take a deep breath and calm down. We have some tips that can help you solve this problem.

  1. Don’t try to wear the shoes many times

What do I do if my Yeezys are too small? - Four Most Useful Tips

Don’t wear small shoes many times

We know that you do love these shoes. Any new sneakers will be a valuable treasure for shoe lovers. But, it doesn’t mean that if you wear them long enough the shoe will stretch as you want.

In some cases, the shoes will expand a little bit. But, the harm you have to suffer is greater. Wearing ill-fitting shoes is the cause of many foot issues such as blooming blisters, bunions, ingrown toenails, plantar fasciitis…

  1. Exchange the shoes

What do I do if my Yeezys are too small? - Four Most Useful Tips 2

Exchange the shoes at Adidas stores

If you buy your Yeezys at the Adidas outlets or retailer, you can feel relief now. They offer free service in size exchanges.

Your shoes can be changed to a new size with the same color if stock is available. All you need to do is following the return instructions on their website or bring them to a return drop off location or the store you bought.

Should your sneaker be out of size, Adidas will refund you. You will get your refunds within 14 days of the return drop off.

To use free exchanges, remember that your package must be sent physically from within the United States. The return also needs to meet their other standards.

For example, the product must be put in its original state and the original shoe box. Accessories are also sent with all parts of the original packaging.

  1. Try the freezer method

What do I do if my Yeezys are too small? - Four Most Useful Tips 3

Example of freezer method

This is another way for you to loosen with your small Yeezys. It may sound crazy to put the shoes in the refrigerator or freezer, right?

This tip is based on a simple science trick. When water becomes ice, it increases in size and can help stretching your shoes slightly. Yeezys are also non-leather shoes so it can actually work.

Just pour the water into a medium-sized Ziploc bag. Make sure to zip the bag tightly before put it in the shoe. Then, mold the bag down into the toe and all areas as well. Place the shoes in the freezer and wait until the water turns to ice.

After that, take your sneakers out of the fridge and let them thaw. You can do this method many times until it reaches the size you want.

  1. Use a shoe stretcher

What do I do if my Yeezys are too small? - Four Most Useful Tips 3

Shoe stretcher

If the tips above won’t help, you can try to use tools like a shoe stretcher. This method is regarded as the safest method if you cannot exchange your Yeezy shoes.

As the name suggests, a stretcher can max out the length and width of your sneaker without damaging the shoes’ colors and quality. There are also many types and different sizes you can choose from on the market.

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