What is Michael Jordan’s favorite Jordans?

Jordan shoes are not only among the most coveted sneakers in the world but also have a glorious history as well. It was named after the basketball legend – Michael Jordan. He was considered the NBA’s best player with 6 continuous champions in 15 seasons. Then, what is Michael Jordan’s favorite Jordans?

As a fan of both Michael Jordan and the Jordan brand, this question will not too hard for you, right? Don’t be upset if you don’t know the answer because we will reveal it all in this post. Below are the top 3 most preferred Jordans shoes of Mike.

Jordan 3s

What is Michael Jordan's favorite Jordans?

Jordan 3s

You can feel surprised that the famous Nike Air Jordan 1 is not on the list. Although it was the first sneaker marking the relationship between Nike and Michael Jordan, he didn’t like the pair very much.

At that time, Converse and Adidas had more attention from Mike than Nike. Mike only signed a five-year contract with this brand. He was about to ditch Nike because even the Jordan 2 couldn’t meet his expectations at all.

Then, a miracle happened with the Jordan 3’s design of Tinker Hatfield. Peter Moore, who created the two first versions of Jordan felt disappointed with what had happened. He left Nike and his successor Tinker changed everything.

It was a bold and risky decision of Nike at that time since Hatfield had never even worked on an Air Jordan before.

He came to meet Jordan and figured out what this man wanted from the shoes. He also made a logo inspired by a picture of Jordan and put it in Jordan III designs. That was how they had their famous logo Jumpman.

Back to the story, Jordan really enjoyed it when he first saw the third Nike Air Jordan. To him, this was also the first time someone paid attention to his ideas and needs to create a sneaker.

Michael Jordan wore this Jordan III in the 1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contest as well as in that year’s All-Star and league MVP awards. The shoes not only created the friendship and partnership between Mike and Tinker but also helped save Nike that day.

Jordan 11s

What is Michael Jordan's favorite Jordans? 2

Air Jordan 11s

Another favorite Jordan sneaker of Mike is the Air Jordan 11 “Concords”. There was a funny story about these shoes, too.

Although Michael Jordan was told not to let anyone see the Air Jordan 11 before it was released after that four months, he couldn’t resist the shoes and did exactly the opposite.

On May 7th, 1995, Mike came back to the game of basketball after his first retirement. And of course, he wore the Air Jordan 11 and shocked the world, especially the leaders of Nike.

Tinker said about Mike and the Jordan XI in an interview with Highsnobiety in 2015:

”We showed him the final design in spring of 1995. He was so enthusiastic that he wore the shoe way earlier than everyone at Nike wanted it. But he didn’t care. He saw the shoe and couldn’t wait to wear it on the court.”

Jordan 12s

What is Michael Jordan's favorite Jordans? 3

Jordan 12s

The last lucky shoes on today’s list are the Jordan 12s. Besides the Jordan 3s and Jordan 11s, Mike also talked about it in an interview to promote NBA 2K14 next-gen.

The former professional player brought these shoes throughout the NBA Playoffs in 1997. The Nike Air Jordan 12s went with his victories were the Black / Varsity Red and the Black/Varsity Red-White-Metallic Silver versions.

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