What’s so special about Yeezy shoes?

If you care about the world of sneakers, you definitely know about Yeezy’s popularity, right? This is not only one of the leading shoe lines in the world but also a formidable opponent of Nike Air Jordan. Then, what’s so special about Yeezy shoes?

The Yeezy was designed by a famous rapper

What's so special about Yeezy shoes?

Kanye West and Yeezy shoes

The powerful man behind this brand is no one else but Kanye West. He started his career as a record producer, a hip-hop superstar, and then a fashion designer for sportswear products. He was one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2005 and 2015, according to Time magazine.

With his wildly popular Yeezy sneaker empire, Forbes also officially acknowledged him as a billionaire in April 2020. The major part of West’s fortune comes from Yeezy. It was estimated at over $1.3 billion.

Both Nike and Adidas were related to the Yeezy

What's so special about Yeezy shoes? 2

Different types of Yeezy shoes

Maybe you know that Yeezy is now owned by the European biggest footwear company – Adidas. But the origin of these shoes actually associated with their rival Nike.

Five years before he collaborated with Adidas, West had a partnership with Nike to create the very first Yeezy shoes. They shock up the world when releasing Air Yeezy 1 and Air Yeezy 2.

After that, due to a royalty dispute between Kanye West and the Swoosh, he left Nike. The Three Stripes knew their time had come. They made a wise move in cooperating with the renowned rapper.

Adidas let West have the creative control over the design of the Yeezy. Then, together they made Yeezy among the most cult sneaker lines in the world as you can see.

The shoes have limited quantities

What's so special about Yeezy shoes? 3

The Yeezys with limited quantities

It is not a coincidence that Adidas limits the number of Yeezy products in each new launch. The scarcity of these sneakers makes them more valuable and coveted.

Furthermore, even the distribution of Adidas Yeezys is also limited. There are only two ways for sneakerheads to buy the shoes directly from Adidas. You will have to take part in a ballot system on the main website of Adidas or get the Yeezy at their official retail stores.

The Yeezy is a symbol of streetwear

What's so special about Yeezy shoes? 4

The Yeezys on the street

Besides luxury watches and handbags, most young people now tend to prefer designer sneakers than ever. They love something more comfortable so they often choose minimalism or sporty style.

Yeezy can meet their expectations of this side. Therefore, these shoes have become more popular. If a boy or a girl wears Yeezy on the street, he or she will undoubtedly receive the admiration of others.

The hype from athletes like Michael Jordan or celebrities like Kanye West has also promoted the demand for sneakers of young generations. That is why the Adidas Yeezy has reached new heights recently.

These sneakers are really expensive

What's so special about Yeezy shoes? 5

Yeezys are really expensive

The last thing that makes the sp special is its price. Since Adidas creates a sense of scarcity, the price rises as rapidly as the consumer demand. When they sell out their new drops, the resale market becomes more bustling.

For example, the YEEZY Boost 350 V2 was released at the retail of $349. This price was not cheap compare to other new shoes in the market.

However, can you figure out how much they will be resale? It can be up to $2,000 for a pair. That’s right, it cost seven times as much as the original price. If you miss the first launch, the resale price of the Yeezys can make you bankrupt.

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