What’s the difference between Jordan 1 and dunks?

Nike made the world crazy about the Air Jordan. It’s true. And, they haven’t stopped doing other things similar to that. We can consider the case of the Jordan 1 and the Nike Dunk as an example. What’s the difference between Jordan 1 and Dunks?

We also get a similar question about the difference between the Nike Air Jordan 1 High and Low. Should you be curious about that, you can check out the post we have updated right here.

Maybe a sneakerhead can answer these questions smoothly. However, if you are a newcomer to the world of sneakers, it might make you a little confusing.

History of these shoes

What's the difference between Jordan 1 and dunks?

Jordan 1 and dunks’ origin

The Nike Dunk High is not a new version of the Air Jordan. Repeat! The shoes had their own story too.

You can regard that the Dunk and the Jordan 1 are more like ”twin” because they were introduced in the same year in 1985. They were also designed by one man – Peter Moore, the Creative Director of Nike at that time.

Besides, these two shoes headed to different markets. The Jordan 1 was dedicated to the basketball legend Michael Jordan.

On the other hand, Nike created the Dunk for the major colleges because the competition in basketball games among these schools was very high in the 1980s. That is why the first Dunk Hight was known as College Color High.

What’s the difference between Jordan 1 and Dunks?

The shoes’ appearance

What's the difference between Jordan 1 and dunks? 2

Jordan 1 and dunks’ looks

The first difference you can figure out easily is the tongue of the shoes. If you see only the ”Nike” with the swoosh branding on the tongue, your shoes are Nike Dunk. If it comes with the ”Air” underneath the ”Nike” and the swoosh, that is a Jordan 1.

Some say that the Jordan 1s has the thicker padding as twice as the Dunks but it is also different depending on the colorways of the shoe.

Moreover, another thing that you can spot where is the Jordan 1 is its iconic Air Jordan logo. If the sneaker doesn’t have the basketball with ”wing” on its collar and the “Jump man” logo on the heel, that is the Dunk one.

Materials of the Jordan 1 and Dunks

Both the Jordan 1 and Nike Dunks were made from real leather. But, the materials of Dunks are thinner and a bit plasticky. For that reason, the price of shoes is also more affordable.

The Jordan 1 High often features the best materials compared to other lines of Nike’s shoes. It needs to be appropriate with the quality as well as their high price.

Prices of the shoes

What's the difference between Jordan 1 and dunks? 3

Jordan 1 and Dunks’s prices

Since their market was once high school and college students Dunks used to be really cheap. If the first Jordan 1 was sold at $65, the Dunks was $50 or less.

Now at the resale market, they sell most Dunk Highs from $200 to $400 with popular colorways. The resale price of the Air Jordan 1 is still higher. However, if you want to buy limited editions of both shoes, the price can be up to more than $10.000.

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