Where are real Jordans made? – The truth behind

Nike is the largest company specializing in producing sports footwear and apparel on this planet. They also the owner of the cult Jordan shoe line. However, now these shoes are being counterfeited in many places around the world. So, where are real Jordans made?

You can talk all day about this company because they have a long history from 1964 to now. But, there are some facts that not anyone knows about Nike and its procedures for making authentic sneakers. If this can make you feel curious, we will reveal their secret right away!

All about Nike factories

Where are real Jordans made? - The truth behind

Nike store

What we are going to tell you might shock you. Unlike other sport wear companies, Nike pays less money for American workers per item.

The truth is that Nike doesn’t own any manufacturing factories of Air Jordans and other Nike products. All their headquarter and subsidiaries focus only on design and market the shoes.

This company contracts the work to many factory owners around the world. Nike dictates production terms and standards.

The contractors are the ones who are in charge of making material and finish goods. After that, Nike imports all of its shoes back to America.

Where are real Jordans made?

Where are real Jordans made? - The truth behind

Inside the Jordans shoes’ factory

According to the information we have collected on the official website of Nike, there are 57 facilities in 10 countries processing materials. The finishing goods process occurs in other 505 factories belong to 39 countries or regions.

The majority of these factories are situated in the Asia area. They often include countries like Indonesia, China, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Malaysia…

There was a time that most of the factories making the Air Jordans are located in China. After that, Nike found out that some other countries are willing to work for lower wages. As a result, Nike left several China factories to expand their factories in neighboring areas.

If you want to see an updated list of Nike factory bases or places where Air Jordan shoes are produced, you can totally check the detailed manufacturing map on their main website. Nike does this to guarantee its transparency.

The ”ugly truth” of Nike factories

Where are real Jordans made? - The truth behind 3

workers are working in the Nike factory

Even public the locations of all factories and facilities, there are still some secrets that are not nice and fine at all.

As mentioned above, Nike demands their cooperators to strictly follow production terms and standards. They, on the other hand, never care about labor or safety practices.

This led to many strikes in their foreign facilities. For example, in April 1997 in Indonesia, over 10,000 workers in their Air Jordan manufacturing factory stopped working and went on strike due to wage violations.

In the same year, 1,300 workers in the Vietnamese factory also went on strike. They wanted to raise their salary at least a 1-cent-per-hour.

The next crisis of Nike was a year later in 1998. More than 3,000 employees in the Chinese workshop called on a strike on strike to express their objection to dangerous working conditions and low wages.

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