Where is the best place to buy Nike shoes?

We all know that how valuable a Nike sneaker is. This shoe brand is well-known as the biggest one in the footwear industry. Of course, they manufacture the most coveted pairs in the world as well. Therefore, many bad guys are making fake Nike shoes to make profits from their reputations. You never want to pay a large amount of money for a defraud sneaker, do you? So, where is the best place to buy Nike shoes?

Purchase in Nike outlets and stores

A Nike Factory Store in Woodburn, Oregon

Alright, the very first place you should come to buy Nike shoes is their official outlets or stores. One thing for sure is that there are no fake shoes here and you can try on any pair before buying one. This is also considered one of the most secure ways to protect sneakerheads from being frauded.
However, it is not easy to purchase new models of famous lines like Air Jordans or limited versions. You have to ”fight” with thousand of people around the world on the internet on the day they release new drops or be the one who gets to the store first to get it.
Nike Outlet, on the other hand, is where you can find discontinued shoes. When new products are sold out in regular Nike stores, discontinued sneakers and old models from the previous seasons will show up at Nike Outlet stores. You can use Google or similar search tools to find the Nike outlets or stores near you.

Buy in Resale market

How to purchase rare sneakers in the resale market

Reselling shoes is a phenomenon related to the products Nike manufacturing every release. Since they only launch a certain number of shoes and rare people have a chance to buy one at the store, they will come to the resale market. The process of shoe selling is so common that there reselling shoes has become a profitable full-time job.
And, how a sneaker is purchased in the resale market? They make deals with manufacturers and conduct blind auctions online to sell products. These Internet hubs sell almost anything, including shoes. All you have to do is typing the series number, release year, or other information of a discontinued Nike pair into the “Search” box. Then, you can see all the available auctions for the sneaker you want.
The advantage of purchasing in the secondary market is that it offers more opportunities for you to get the shoes you are looking for. On the opposite side, you must pay a lot of money for these items. Their prices can cost ten times as much as the retail prices. Besides, online shopping also a big risk because nothing in here is guaranteed. You should be careful before deciding to buy anything, especially cheap shoes from unknown sellers.
If you still want to purchase a Nike sneaker in the resale market, here are some reliable online shops for your consideration:

  • Stockx.com
  • 23isBack.com
  • FlightClubNY.com
  • Zappos.com
  • Manarax.com
  • Eastbay.com

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