Which Are the Cheapest Nike Shoes? – Best Shoes Under $100 

As you may know, Nike is the biggest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel in the world. Their Air Jordan shoes are always sold out within a few minutes or resale at extremely high prices. But don’t be upset about that, you still can possess this brand’s shoes which cost under $100. Are you curious about which the cheapest Nike Shoes are? 

Nike SB BLZR Court  

Which Are the Cheapest Nike Shoes? - Best Shoes Under $100 

Nike SB BLZR Court 

Nike’s Blazer is among the favorite basketball sneakers that bring a classic court vibe to the street. Inspired by tennis, these shoes feature a simple shape, new design lines with low-cut collars, and of course, a giant swoosh – the symbol of Nike.  

This brand was also clever in using classic materials like canvas and synthetic leather to create the shoes. The ollie zone is made of rubber to help reduce wear and tear. Under the canvas layer is a hidden rubber toe cap to add additional durability. Moreover, to bring a lightweight feel, the rubber sole in key areas has been thinned out. 

Color: Red/White/Black  

Price of Nike SB BLZR Court: 65$  

Nike Court Vision Mid  

Which Are the Cheapest Nike Shoes? - Best Shoes Under $100 2

Nike Court Vision Mid  

Continue with a fashionable design of Nike Court Vision Mid. The sneaker has an old-school basketball style that draws inspiration from mid-1980s shoes. The highlight of the shoes is still an embossed Swoosh on the upper to add visual interest.  

As you can see, the main materials include leather, synthetic leather, and rubber. The cup sole made of rubber also adds modern durability and traction.   

Since these shoes are available in multiple colorways, they can complete a variety of casual outfits. 

Color: Black-White/White-Black/White-Red/Full Black/Full White  

Price of Nike Court Vision Mid: 75$  

Nike Alpha Huarache Elite 3 Turf 

Which Are the Cheapest Nike Shoes? - Best Shoes Under $100 3

Nike Alpha Huarache Elite 3 Turf 

Another great option under $100 for you is the Nike Alpha Huarache Elite 3 Turf. The shoes bring back a sneaker-like feel with versatile performance.  

It offers unique experiences with soft collars, breathable mesh pieces, foam cushioning, and durable rubber soles. The synthetic skin is placed strategically also gives you durable lockdown without extra bulk. Besides, the TPU heel clip of these shoes also adds stability. 

Color: Black/Grey/Navy  

Price of Nike Alpha Huarache Elite 3 Turf: 80$  

Nike Flexmethod TR  

Which Are the Cheapest Nike Shoes? - Best Shoes Under $100 4

Nike Flexmethod TR  

The next affordable sneaker for your consideration is the Nike Flexmethod TR. The sneaker has a modern-looking design with three main color variations of Black, Anthracite, and White.  

The shoe’s materials and construction are well-made and provide adequate airflow with grooves on the midsole, rubber outsole, inner sleeve, and heel support with integrated lace loops.  

Apart from that, the pair is also an ideal light training sneaker that ensures a multi-directional grip for high-intensity moves. You can wear it to the gym or during any training routine. 

Color: Black/Anthracite/White  

Price of Nike Flexmethod TR: 85$  

Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid Edge  

Which Are the Cheapest Nike Shoes? - Best Shoes Under $100 5

Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid Edge  

Now, these special shoes will change your mind about the world of sneakers. The pair is impressive with DIY details like frayed stitching follows the outline of a Swoosh on 1 side, cut-out eye stays, and patches of extra material in high-wear areas.  

In addition to that, the Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid Edge is also made of premium materials like full-grain leather and suede to obtain high quality, durability, and a fantastic appearance. 

Color: Team Red/Light Dew/Summit White/Navy  

Price of Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid Edge: 95$ 

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