Why are Jordan 11 called Concords?

Sneakerheads and basketball fans in this world are too familiar with Jordan 11. They have been crazy about this sneaker since the first day it showed up. However, not everyone knows the answer to the question: why are Jordan 11 called Concords?

Before we give you the answer, let take a look at some fascinating facts about the Jordan 11.

Facts about the Nike Air Jordan 11 Concords

  1. The shoes had an unexpected debut before releasing

This sneaker was first debuted not on a plan or campaign like other Jordans. Although Michael Jordan was told not to wear the Air Jordan 11 in front of anybody before the release day, he couldn’t wait to do it. That is why he donned this sneaker in the playoffs on May 7th, 1995.

Why are Jordan 11 called Concords?

Even the greatest designer of Jordan was stunned when he first saw Mike wearing the shoes on the court. Tinker Hatfield expressed his thought at that moment in an interview with the Complex Magazine: ”Oh shoot, now people are going to be really pissed off because they can’t go out and buy the shoe until next season”.

  1. The sneaker is one of the most sought-after shoes of Jordans

After the return game of Mike, his special shoes had attracted his fans worldwide. Despite the unexpected debut, people still had to wait until November to buy the unreleased “patent leather” Jordans.

Nike first launched the Air Jordan 11 “Concords” at 12:00 a.m Friday morning Nov 1995. They were met with excitement at Nike outlets all over the country as well as on websites.

The sneaker has become the holy grail of basketball shoes. The next shoes’ retro was on October 25th, 2000. They also sold out nationwide quickly.

The Nike Air Jordan 11 “Concords” continued confirming its fame with the Defining Moments Package on January 28th, 2006, and its return on December 23rd, 2011, and in December 2018.

Why are Jordan 11 called Concords? 2

  1. The shoes’ colorways weren’t ”concord” as the name suggested

Instead of “Concord” – the color must be related to the grape developed at Concord, these amazing shoes feature predominantly black and white.

The ”concord” colors you can find in the sneaker were used in the tiny Jumpman logo. It lies in the middle of the lacing system and the sole in the bottom of the shoe.

Why are Jordan 11 called Concords?

The most understandable for this question is that these shoes marked the return of a legend. It ”concorded” the will of God and of course, the basketball fans all around the world.

Why are Jordan 11 called Concords? 3

After leaving the NBA for a year and a half, Michael Jordan came back in In-Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. This man shocked the world when he wore the jersey number 45 and brought a pair of impressive sneakers with the same number.

Mike was once widely known for wearing the number 23. To explain this change, he said: “When I came back, I didn’t want to play in the last number that my father had seen me wear. Because he wasn’t around, I thought of my return as a new beginning.”

This professional player made his comeback greater than ever. He broke the record with 72 wins in the 1995-96 season. The Air Jordan 11 Concord was considered the lucky star and the championship victory’s symbol of Michael Jordan.

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