Why are Jordans so expensive? – The reasons not everyone knows

You may not know that the Jordans 1 was once only $65, right? Now, the resale price of its retro fragment can be up to $2,000. So why are Jordans so expensive?

About the shoes’ history

There are many reasons for this question. We should start with its origin first. The Air Jordan was named after Michael Jeffrey Jordan. He was a professional basketball player of the NBA in the 1980s and 1990s.

However, Nike had signed a five-year deal with him before he wore the shoes on the court and became famous in 1984. This was considered an unusual decision of Nike at that time.

They even changed the standard white upper for a black one although they know that it contravened the uniform policy of the NBA. Nike was willing to pay a fine of $5,000 per game for Michael Jordan.

Mike’s action was a hit for Nike. The original Jordan 1 was launched in March 1985 with the retailing price of $65. These shoes brought Nike an incredible revenue of $100 million at the end of that year.

People wanted to be like Mike

Michael Jeffrey Jordan wore Air Jordans

Besides his impressive disobedience as a rookie, Michael Jordan’s success on The Hall of Fame after that also boosted the development of Jordans 1 Shoes.

Jordan made its sneakers into luxurious products to match Mike’s famousness and style. This process also created a viral phenomenon, which brought everything related to sports into the mainstream.

People from all over the world wanted to wear them. The Air Jordans 1 undoubtedly changed the sneaker culture. It was also the premise for the growth of the Jordan brand today.

The innovation of Jordan designs

Jordan designs

The Air Jordan 2 didn’t achieve the expectation of Nike and Mike after he broke his foot at the season-ending. It was Tinker Hatfield and his innovation in Nike’s Air Max technology that made the Jordan 3 became legendary. He was the first one who designed the mid-cut basketball sneaker.

Tinker Hatfield also created the Jump man logo which was the silhouette of Michael Jordan, inspired by his photo of Life magazine. Then, the logo ‘Jump Man” has become one of the most iconic symbols of Nike. It was even more popular after an international advertising campaign with Spike Lee.

Jordans products are limited

Jordans Shoes are limited

After Nike launched 30 different Jordan retros from September to November 2017 but didn’t receive what they wanted,  Larry Miller – the Jordan Brand President decided to change his plan with a new strategy.

Instead of 350 sneakers, he cut down the products to 50 before releasing them on the market. This helped the company be more disciplined and raise the sale of the sneaker.

When the demand are unrequited, people will look for the next release. They hope that they would get a pair they missed last time. And that is why limited products is another key to success of Jordan.

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