Why is Jordan 1s so popular?

Over the past 30 years, the Air Jordan 1 has been considering one of the most iconic shoes in the world of sneaker and streetwear. Have you ever wondered why Jordan 1s is so popular?

The shoes’ name is the first reason

Why is Jordan 1s so popular?

Mike and Air Jordan 1s

Every legend always came with an extraordinary origin and the Nike Air Jordan 1 is not an exception. These shoes are was named after a legend of the basketball world – Michael Jeffrey Jordan (Mike).

Michael was well-known as the best player in the Chicago Bulls team of the NBA in the 1980s and 1990s. At that time, Mike was only a rookie but Nike saw the great potential in him.

They gave Michael the favor with an endorsement contract of $2.5 million. It was a bold decision for a running shoe company like Nike in those days.

On contrary, Mike wasn’t so excited about this deal. He wanted to work with either Adidas or Converse but both companies refused him. Then, he first collaborated with Nike in 1984.

Michael Jordan shocked up the world when he wore the first Nike Air Jordan shoes in black and red color on the court. It was violated the “51 percent” rule of the NBA and banned after that for not having enough white.

Air Jordan 1 had a unique design and colorway

Why is Jordan 1s so popular? 2

Jordan 1s colorway

Before renowned with the name of Jordan, these shoes were initially called the Nike Air Ship. It was the masterpiece of Peter C. Moore – Nike Creative Director at that time.

As mentioned above, the Jordan of Mike was prohibited due to the lack of white color. Nike changed the colorway of this basketball shoe in 1985 with red, black, and white. They were associated with the Bulls’ colors. There was no colorway like that before on a single basketball shoe.

In addition to that, the Air Jordan 1 shoes were also special with a ball-and-wings logo. You will be amazed that Moore sketched it on a napkin on his flight home. Talking about the logo, he said: “The design seemed to fit the idea of a guy who could fly.”

Nike had smart Marketing strategies

Why is Jordan 1s so popular? 3

Nike’s strategies

Another reason why Jordans 1 was so popular is That this footwear company was clever in using hype surrounding the release.

They took advantage of the Nike Air Ship’s ban and turned it into a promotional tool for their advertisement campaigns. As a result, the hype reached a whole new level that had never been seen before in the history of sneaker introduction.

The shoes were launched in April 1985. Although the retail price was only $65, the Air Jordan 1s brought back $100 million in sales for Nike at the end of that year. These sneakers were so coveted that they kept showing on shelves of Nike stores and outlets for years after that.

Mike’s success was directly proportional to Jordan 1s’ popularity

The Jordan 1s was literally the first impression of basketball fans and the world for him, not his career. No one can deny this.

Moreover, Mike was the most wonderful player in the Hall of Fame. As a Bulls player, he won a total of 6 NBA champions, 6 Finals MVP, 5 MVPs. That is why the shoe line with his name was famous as well.

The more he succeeded, the more fans he got. People wanted to be like him so much that they tried to collect items related to him, including his basketballs and the types of sneakers he wore.

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