YEEZY 1020 & 1050 V3 Boots First Leaked Image

Up to the present time in early 2021, adidas YEEZY is still one of the “golden eggs” of sportswear company from Germany. In a series of samples released “blaze”, just now the first detailed images of the adidas YEEZY 1020 and 1050 V3 duo officially appeared. These two versions are a combination of Kayne West and Gearsolegoods shop, which promises to be extremely hype in the first release in the near future.

YEEZY 1020 _ 1050 V3

The biggest difference in both YEEZY 1020 and 1050 V3 versions is that neither use adidas’ famous BOOST soles technology. However, those are not the biggest differences as the colors on the YEEZY 1020 boots are quite distinctive with a uniform tanned shade of brown across the entire shoe – something quite uncommon on other YEEZY versions. Moreover, the motifs with the 3D sculptural structure, the “U Throat” sound zipper and the chunky rubber outsole are also interesting highlights on both of these “beasts”.

Meanwhile, the 1050 V3 is inspired by protective suits with a bright orange color running “head to toe”. This may sound extremely ridiculous when this strange inspiration appears on a high-end product line like YEEZY, but perhaps it is also a strong, supple message to look forward to a successful new year that adidas wants to convey to fans. The highlight of the 1050 V3 model is probably the midsole that covers the upper part, accompanied by a rubber outsole with solid jagged motifs, somewhere they bear many similarities with the thick Nike KD 13.

YEEZY 1050 V3

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