6 Great Wi-Fi Gadgets for Your Home and Office

Wi-Fi Gadgets

Wi-Fi is not just for computers, tablets, and smartphones. Its reach extends to multiple gadgets that make life at home and in the office cooler and more convenient. The following gadgets are just a few examples.

Wi-Fi Printers

A great way to save space and get things done more quickly is to invest in a printer that connects to Wi-Fi. It’s fairly easy to connect a printer to the network, and once you do that, any device connected to the network can send jobs to the printer. Homes and offices with multiple computers especially stand to benefit. An article at computer.howstuffworks.com explains more about Wi-Fi Printers.

Wi-Fi Photo Frames

You might already own a digital photo frame that you have to connect to your computer via an Ethernet cable to upload photos. A Wi-Fi frame skips the Ethernet cable. You can email photos directly to the frame from your computer or your phone. If you’re away, you can surprise your loved ones by sending a new photo to the frame from wherever you are. Some even have audio capabilities, so they can play music or connect to Internet radio.

Wi-Fi Web Radios

What is better than listening to your favorite tunes while you do chores or take care of some filing at the office? Computerworld.com touts the high points of the Grace Digital ITC-IR1000B Web radio. Some of the stand out features include over 13,000 available stations, clear audio, and a built-in alarm clock. A good Internet connection is essential to keep the music coming uninterrupted, so if your connection is shifty, go to WirelessInternet.net to investigate a change.

Wireless Projectors

Whether you need to give an impressive presentation or just want to make sure that everyone visiting your house has a great way to view those sentimental home videos, a digital projector is a good way to go. Some connect to Wi-Fi so you miss the hassle of setting up a bunch of wires. While one of these is definitely pricey, if you can get enough use out of it, it’s worth all the dollar signs.

Wi-Fi Security Cameras

Keep a watchful eye on your home or office by strategically placing a few of these. An informative article about Wi-Fi devices features one camera in particular that you can pan and zoom remotely, has a replaceable antenna so you can extend its range, and takes snapshots and records video when it detects motion. Having surveillance cameras in the first place is an effective theft deterrent, and if something does happen, you will have handy evidence against the bad guy.

Wi-Fi Light Bulbs

This last gizmo on the list, while not outstandingly practical, does deserve a mention because it is just plain cool. LIFX smart LED light bulbs connect to Wi-Fi so you can control the lighting in a room or an entire house with an app on your smartphone. You can even change the color of the lighting. Remember, LED light bulbs are energy-efficient, so you can justify the purchase with the benefits to your energy bill.

The world runs on the Internet — or does the Internet run the world? Either way, we have a plethora of cool and useful Wi-Fi gadgets that are readily available.

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