Veronica Gutierrez: A famous American Cosmetologist

Veronica Gutierrez

Veronica Gutierrez is a prime example of what it means to be an American success story. Veronica had Mexican citizenship because she was born in Mexico. Both in terms of her ancestry and her religious affiliation, she is of Hispanic descent and a Christian. Her father worked hard as a janitor and her mother stayed at home raising Veronica and her two younger sisters. Despite their humble beginnings, Veronica’s parents taught their children the importance of education and working hard.

As soon as she finished high school, Veronica started attending community college to eventually transfer to UCLA. While in community college, she worked part-time as a cashier and also volunteered to teach English classes to recent immigrants from Mexico and Central America. Thanks in part to her drive and determination, plus some scholarships that helped pay for tuition costs, Veronica was able not only to finish up her degree but also get accepted into one of the top law schools in the country – Yale Law School. After completing law school, Veronica returned home to LA where she started practicing corporate law first with one large firm then moving on to starting her practice specializing exclusively in Startups & Venture Capital work.

Veronica is now one of the most sought-after startup lawyers in all of LA. Many young entrepreneurs & startups would not be where they are today if it wasn’t for Veronica’s legal expertise, knowledge, and guidance over the years. Veronica Gutierrez rose to prominence as a result of her son’s meteoric rise to the pinnacle of the mega-stardom. After Devin Booker established himself as a prominent figure in the world of basketball, his family was thrust into the public eye and the celebrity lifestyle. The rising great athlete has a strong bond with his mother and the two spend a lot of time together. Gutierrez, who is of Mexican-American origin and is commonly known as Devin’s mom, shares custody of her son with Melvin Booker, who played in the NBA in the past. Booker is a former player.

Veronica Gutierrez Career

Veronica Gutierrez works in the beauty industry as a cosmetologist. But Veronica is probably best known as the parent of Devin Booker, an American basketball star who plays professionally. He is the youngest player in the history of the National Basketball Association to ever have consecutive games with 50 points scored, and he plays for the Phoenix Suns. As you can imagine, Veronica’s life is constantly under the microscope because her son is a popular celebrity. There are a lot of people who are curious about her professional life, marital status, husband, and any other interesting facts about she has.

Devin Booker got his start in the game of basketball with the assistance of his father, Melvin Booker. He finds out that Melvin’s way of life has a significant influence on him. He, too, looked up to his father as a model and has been playing basketball ever since he was in elementary school. His father was his inspiration. He travels to different countries to compete in games and communicates with people via email.

Veronica Gutierrez Mother of Devin Booker

Veronica Booker is Devin Booker’s mother, as was just said earlier. In the National Basketball Association (NBA), Devin is a professional basketball player. She catapulted to fame and entered the public consciousness after the Phoenix Suns selected her son Devin with the thirteenth overall pick in the first round of the 2015 NBA draught. This event caused her to become a well-known figure. In case you were unaware, Booker is a basketball player who has achieved a great deal of success in a relatively short length of time. This information is provided for your information. After playing for the Suns for just under two years, the teenager set a new record by becoming the youngest player in the history of the team to score more than 60 points in a single game. Along the same lines, Booker created history in March 2019 when he became the youngest player in the history of the game to ever score 50 points in three consecutive games. When everything was said and done, in the year 2020, Veronica Gutierrez’s son was also selected for the very first time to play on an NBA All-Star team.

Veronica and Devin, who are mother and son, have a wonderful bond with one another. Devin posts a lot of pictures of his mother on his Instagram account. On May 8, 2016, the basketball player shared on Instagram how he feels about his mother Veronica and what his mother means to him by expressing his feelings and stating what his mom means to him.

Veronica Gutierrez Personal Life

Devin Booker, and Mya Powell Davon Wade, are Veronica’s lovely children. Veronica also has a son named Mya Powell. Her first kid, Devon, was born on February 17, 1993, making her the eldest of her three children. She has, to our regret, not provided any information regarding Davon’s biological father. Devin is the second child of the family and was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on October 30th, 1996. Her connection with Melvin Booker resulted in the birth of her son. Mya is the smallest of all of them, and according to rumors, she was born around the year 2000. The year 2021 finds her daughter reaching the age of 21. There is no need to state the obvious, but the busy mother of three enjoys a wonderful bond with each of her children. In addition to this, each one of them has achieved a good deal of success in their chosen careers.

Veronica Gutierrez Never Married: Was In a Relationship with Melvin Booker

In the end, Devin Booker’s parents Veronica and Melvin chose not to tie the knot. The couple’s commitment to their respective jobs and their packed schedules were primary factors in their choice to forego marriage altogether. Melvin, who had a career as a professional basketball player in the past, was required to frequently relocate, which meant that he and his girlfriend had no choice but to manage their relationship in an unorthodox manner. Veronica and Melvin’s children were required to divide their time equally between themselves and both of their parents. Melvin frequently acknowledges Veronica for being the best partner and mother, and he valued the sacrifices she made for his children.

Even though Veronica and Melvin have been together for a very long time and have a wonderful connection, she has chosen not to marry her partner or boyfriend Melvin. They had their first encounter with one another in 1995, during the 1995–1996 CBA season when Melvin was playing for the Grand Rapids Mackers. In any case, a romantic bond quickly developed between them after that initial meeting. Gutierrez fell pregnant with Melvin’s child Devin not long after the couple had been dating for a couple of months. But, sadly, things turned sour between the two of them, finally resulting in the breakup of their relationship.

Veronica Gutierrez Nationality

There aren’t too many people who are aware of the fact that Veronica, who works as a cosmetologist, has Puerto Rican ancestry but is Mexican American by nationality. She was born in the United States. It is reported that she was born in Puerto Rico, even though her father was originally from the Mexican city of Los Nogales. A community known as Los Nogales can be found in very close proximity to Texas. Even though Veronica and her family are of Mexican blood, Veronica did not discuss their Mexican history with her children, especially with Devin. Her son Devin once remarked that he didn’t start to feel a connection to his Latino origin until after he moved to Phoenix in 2015, shortly after playing basketball for the University of Kentucky. This was after he had already moved away from Lexington, Kentucky, where he had spent the previous four years.

Veronica Gutierrez’s Net worth

Veronica is the proud mother of a successful NBA player and works as a cosmetologist, so she has access to all the luxuries that money can buy. However, it is not quite known what her current net worth is at this time. Nevertheless, according to the sources, as of the year 2021, she has a net worth of more than $2 million. However, her son Devin Booker, who is also Kendall Jenner’s boyfriend, was one of the highest-earning athletes in the world in the year 2020. According to Forbes, his anticipated net worth at the end of the year 2021 is 30 million.

Social Media Presence

She does not have a presence on any social media network, although she is a well-known mother. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all other platforms. It would appear that she does not take pleasure in the attention. Veronica Gutierrez has, during her career, reduced the number of times she appears in the media and now focuses her attention on living a life separate from the spotlight of the sports industry.

On the other side, her son Booker has built up a respectable amount of fan following across all of his social media platforms. On Instagram, he has a following that exceeds approximately 5 million people.

Veronica Gutierrez Body Features 

There is no publicly available information regarding Veronica’s early life or age because she lives a very private existence. It is believed that she is somewhere in her middle them to late forties, according to various reports. Regarding her body measurements, it is speculated that she has a height of about 5 feet and 5 inches and that she weighs approximately 56 kilograms.

Veronica Gutierrez: A Mother of Three 

Beautiful Veronica has spawned three offspring: Mya Powell, Devin Booker, and Davon Wade.

Davon Wade

Veronica has a son, Devon Wade, from a previous relationship, and she was involved in a committed relationship with her significant other before meeting Melvin. Devon, the eldest of her three children, was born on February 17, 1993, making her the oldest of her three children. As a direct consequence of this, she does not currently have any information regarding the identity of Davon’s biological father. Wade received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Western Michigan University, where he also completed his graduation requirements. As a consequence of this, he holds a license to practice real estate brokerage and works for Linehan Real Estate in Pinnacle Peak, which is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Devin Booker

Veronica Booker gave birth to her second kid, Booker, as a result of her connection with Melvin Booker. In a similar vein, he would only get to spend time with his father during the summer months due to the hectic schedule his father kept as a result of his job as a basketball player. When they first became acquainted, the father and son team would work on their basketball skills by practicing together. It was during these drills that Devin developed a significant interest in the aftermath of the game.

Mya Powell

Mya Powell, who was born at the very end of the year 2000, is the youngest of all the children born that year. However, Veronica has not revealed who the father of her daughter is, and the identity of Mya’s biological father is currently unclear. Mya Powell, Veronica’s youngest daughter, had been diagnosed with microdeletion syndrome, a genetic disorder that caused chromosome deletions. In addition to this, it is considered a cognitive disability because it inhibits both mental and physical development. As a result of this circumstance, she lacks facial expression, has a narrow forehead, eyes that are widely spaced apart, and an open mouth with an upper lip that is pointed outward.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is Devin’s Mother?

Veronica Gutierrez

What is Devin Booker’s Net Worth?

Among Suns players, Booker’s contract from 2018 is the most lucrative. According to Spotrac, he is projected to earn a total of $65,032,653 by the end of 2021. Additionally, the website Celebrity Net Worth says that he is currently worth $30 million.

Is Devin Booker’s Mom Alive?

Devin Booker was reputed of Mexican and Puerto Rican origin, and he spent his childhood in Grand Rapids, where he was born and lived with his mother. During the time that his African-American father was pursuing a career as a professional basketball player overseas.

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